⭐PACK⭐ 1 React® Reflex Ball + 1 Pair Gloves For Kids

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Would you like to increase concentration in your children?
Do they spend a lot of time on the tablet, cell phone or on television?
It's time to improve the concentration of your children having fun!

     Keeps your kids entertained for hours
    ✅ Healthy alternative to computer and video games
    ✅ Adjustable headband suitable for all ages!
    ✅ Lightweight and portable for any road-trips

      Training Kit contains: A stretchable band tied to a lightweight ball and an elastic Headband. Simply tie the ball to the elastic Headband provided (or your own cap) and you are ready for a great time away from video games! (As the Training Kit is suitable for both kids and adults, you may need to adjust the length of the stretchable band to suit your own needs, if necessary.)

      Tips for Beginners: Take your time, hit softer at first and have fun! The current record for consecutive hits in a row is 32 by Danny J. from Los Angeles,CA (See Below)