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This pair of gloves is specially designed for the child to train muay, Thai, kick-boxing, punching bag and training, which can improve their sensitivity, responsiveness, healthy development of the mind, body and Constitution. The PU material with padded design can protect the child's hands and keep it cool at the same time. The Velcro closure is easy to use and comfortable to wear. The ergonomic design can improve comfort and safety during boxing.


The PU material is durable for long-term use.
The forced pieces with padded design are resistant, which can cushion the impact of punching and reduce pain.
The Velcro closure is flexible and adjustable for a comfortable and secure fit, which can better protect your child's wrist during boxing.
The design of air holes in La Palma is comfortable, breathable and fresh.
The ergonomic design that conforms to the natural shape of the cuff guarantees perfect performance.


Material: PU
Optional colors: red, blue, black
Suitable for: 7-13 years
Quantity: 1 pair / set
Package Weight: 160g
Type: boxing gloves

Package includes:

1 pair of boxing gloves for children