Powerful Rubber Laser Aiming

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Extreme aim? Yes, Now it is Possible, Teach your Friends: Where You Put Your Eye You Put The Bullet.


Product advantages
1. The slingshot handle is non-slip design, and the recurved handle makes the hand feel more comfortable.
2. The slingshot sight is equipped with a level instrument that allows the novice to quickly master the balance.
3. It is equipped with a laser that can improve your accuracy.
It is equipped with a night light that allows you to aim at the target more clearly at night.
professional slingshot

Whether you are a slingshot professional or an adventure enthusiast, this elastic-propelled handheld weaponry will surely amaze you. It's durable and comfortable to use. This slingshot is a great addition to any shooter’s collection.

hunting slingshot for sale
Equipped with night lights that allow you to aim at the target more clearly at night.
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With a non-slip and recurved handle for an easy and comfortable grip.
best hunting slingshot
The special wrist lock is designed to provide you support and keep you steady. 
most powerful slingshot
It's small in size, lightweight and easy to carry. Shoot with stones, marbles, paintball, and more.

If you're searching for a straight forward hunting slingshot with enough power and durability to get the job done, then the Pocket Slingshot is for you! 

Package includes:
1*rubber band
1* laser sight