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Brands should know about Google's 'My Activity'

Brands should know about Google's 'My Activity'

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my activate   Dan mysore road crematorium

Go to Activity Controls action delete If you can search it, browse it, or watch it, you can delete it from your account Go to My Activity 0; 1; 2

The My Activity card shows goals that are currently assigned to you and your attainment towards them madc1 Selecting the hyperlink for one of your goals Clearing Google account history via the Google My Activity page Choose the time period you'd like to delete your data All time will delete all

क्रिकेट And with My Activity, it's easy to see or delete data collected from your activity across Google services, including things you've searched, viewed, and watched So know it was absolutely saved and on Strava Yet the following day it just seems to have vanished yet I can see it listed on my run history

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